Simple Greetings

“Good morning!” and “Goodbye!” seem to be such simple greetings. In our organization, though, they reflect our encouragement of teamwork and collaboration. Years ago, my friend Erma reminded me that a smile and a “Hello!” was the best way to start everyone’s morning. Since then, I’ve always encouraged everyone to pass along those greetings. It’s funny sometimes because, at night, it can be a strange replay of “The Waltons” and the good night messages as everyone leaves. For those of you under 40, “The Waltons” was a TV series about a  close-knit family who ended every episode with “good night, John Boy” messages. For me, encouraging this greeting with every team member (1) reminds them that we are always open to even the simplest of communications, and (2) reinforces that we’re a family, here to support each other … no matter what.

Good morning!


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