PQC Works

As a startup, we initially provided PeopleSoft systems integration for the State of Indiana, performed acquisition management and strategic sourcing for the Navy, and grew our project management expertise and repertoire of operational services working for the Army and the Air Force. Since then, we’ve utilized and built upon those credentials and successes to expand into our IT management services.

Over the years, we’ve continued to prove our ability to support Federal, state and local government clients as well as subcontract with large, midsize and small companies. Our core has expanded to include operational support focused on medical services in Military Treatment Facilities as well as our Acquisition, Project Management and Emergency Response planning. Our recent clients include the U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy; FEMA; FDA; and DHA; among others. We bring in-depth experience supporting our clients with operational processes as well as skilled and knowledgeable personnel who excel in meeting and exceeding the mission while being innovative and cost-effective.

PQC Locations

PQC Works supports clients across the U.S. Check out highlights of a few of our projects in the map above.