Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power image courtesy of Stuart Miles at In the last 20 years, understanding and managing knowledge has become a critical factor in helping to drive success in businesses and government agencies alike. Knowledge management has become a hot buzzword that seems to be directed to content management systems and, more specifically, toward … Read more

PQC Turns 15!

Milestones are great, especially for businesses. It means you’ve achieved a goal and something’s going right. Prairie Quest (PQC) is hitting a big milestone in this weekend: 15 years of helping our customers get projects done, helping with program operations, and finding ways to help them be proactive and successful. The official “birthday” is June … Read more

Happy is a Choice

Today is the seventh day of 2019. There are 358 wonderful days left of this new year. Every Monday morning I face the same challenges of waking up and trying to decide what kind of week it’s going to be. Sadly, over the last couple of months, I’ve become very focused on things that are … Read more

PQC’s 14th Year

On June 8, PQC celebrated its 14th anniversary. In saying that, it means that I also celebrated that wonderful day that I got the letter back from the state of Indiana stating it was official: We were an incorporated company. It seemed rather anticlimactic back then, but it’s a big deal now when I look back. With … Read more