Customer Service

I’m usually a little late to new business strategies and philosophies—mostly because they seem to have come out at light speed over the past 5 years. But I’m trying to catch up and recently read several articles about “Hug Your Haters” by Jay Baer. In his book, he shows that customer service has become a … Read more

Change & Organizational Learning

Do you remember the Dilbert cartoon poster that said, “Change is good … you go first.” Well, we’ve not stopped since that came out. Change, aka transformation, often relies on organizational learning. Over the long run, organizational survival and thriving rest on continuous positive change—being “continuously” change-ready rather than “reactively” ready. For organizations that deal in governmental-type (federal/state/city) operations, we are continuously ready because … Read more

Team Dynamics

Work and life revolve around our ability to work in a team. Team dynamics come into play at our workplace, our social organizations, community affiliations … it’s all about interacting with others. It’s critical to understand that team relationships and fitting in can be a challenge. In the workplace, identifying team dynamics and understanding potential … Read more

Simple Greetings

“Good morning!” and “Goodbye!” seem to be such simple greetings. In our organization, though, they reflect our encouragement of teamwork and collaboration. Years ago, my friend Erma reminded me that a smile and a “Hello!” was the best way to start everyone’s morning. Since then, I’ve always encouraged everyone to pass along those greetings. It’s … Read more

2018 Fort Wayne Motorfest

More than 30 classic and modern cars were on display at the one-day Fort Wayne Motorfest event held August 25 and sponsored by PQC. Lots of onlookers were able to admire some of Indiana’s and Ohio’s finest hot rods and classic cruisers. Even with a delayed start due to wind and rain, the event was well … Read more

PQC’s 14th Year

On June 8, PQC celebrated its 14th anniversary. In saying that, it means that I also celebrated that wonderful day that I got the letter back from the state of Indiana stating it was official: We were an incorporated company. It seemed rather anticlimactic back then, but it’s a big deal now when I look back. With … Read more

Growth in Northeast Indiana

As Northeast Indiana continues to grow, our interest in the people remains the same. After all, business is a community. We all come from different perspectives, but as a community we come with a common goal: to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas. When we have an open exchange of ideas, communities have a … Read more